Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

How much does camp cost?  

  • Registration fee is $50/camper and $50/additional campers. 
  • Resource fee is $25/camper
  • Weekly camp fee is  $125/camper and $100/additional camper. LUNCH is included!

Payment for each week is due two weeks prior to the chosen camp date.  A payment schedule will be provided. Parents have two payment options when enrolling their child in summer camp, 1) they may pay in full or 2) use our weekly automatic withdrawal service. If payment is not received on the designated date, additional late fee of $25 will be added to the tuition. 


The safety and well-being of each camper is our top priority.

Where is the camp?

Camap Thingamajig will be using the Thomas Park Recreation Center at 300 Geraldine Drive, Lafayette, LA, off Cameilia Blvd. This is NOT  a "LCG recreation program."  

Why does camp end at 3:00 pm?

At 3:00 pm, the Thomas Recreation Center is open to the public and we are required to end summer camp programming to allow the public access.  Campers must be picked up by 3:00 pm. 

Will you be taking any field trips off-site?

No.  This year we are focused on making sure we get in the most enrichment we can with our campers.  They will have plenty of fun on-site.

What will my camper need to bring daily? 

  • A Smile
  • Bag with water botle, suscreen and a hat (bug spray optional)
  • Each camper needs a lunch. NO NUT PRODUCTS! NO SOFT DRINKS! NO CANDY!
  • Change of clothes, particularly on water play FRIDAY
  • A bag for their wet clothes and a towel on water play FRIDAY 
  • Tennis shoes - no flip flops, CROCs or sandals.  Toes must be protected.

Be sure to label everything!

Can my camper bring toys or games to camp?

No. We ask that you do not bring any games or toys to summer camp.  

If found, we will confiscate and hold them until a parent can pick it up.

Will you provide water?

Yes.  Hydration is a priority. Be sure your camper comes with a full water bottle. They will have access to refill water bottles throughout the day.

What if my camper has scrape, bump or bruising incident? 

Bumps and Bruises are cared for with ice packs and rest. Cuts are cared for by washing with soap and a band-aid. All occurrences will be followed up with a phone call to the parent.

Will the 5 & 6 year old campers take a nap everyday? 

Quiet and "rest time" are built into the day's agenda. We do NOT have mats or blankets.

Can my camper bring a cell phone?

They are not allowed cell phones during the day. We encourage them to leave it at home. They may turn their cell phone into the front office upon arrival, but we do NOT want the cell phone with them during the day as it will be a distraction. 

If you have any question, please email